Case Notes ...

Typical examples of successful applications.

Some clients wishing to sell immediately, others to be able to do so at a later date at full market value.

Mr McDonald, Hampshire – owned property 7 years and subject to enforcement action when Tiebreakers were consulted. Result: Enforcement action suspended, tie removed and value increased to over £600,000.

Mr Bradley, Bedfordshire – early retirement and trying unsuccessfully to sell at £275,000. We removed the tie and a sale was agreed within the week at £425,000.

Mrs Brannan, Oxfordshire – a widow wishing to sell but discouraged by valuation of less than £300,000. Another successful application resulted in a sale being agreed at £450,000.

Mrs Roberts, Devon – told property virtually unsaleable because of tie. Now about to sell her open market property at £285,000.

Mr Chappel, Worcestershire – came to us before marketing; tie removed and property sold quickly at £365,000.

Mrs Walker, North Yorkshire – in poor health and concerned about future sale of somewhat isolated (but attractive) property. With tie removed she can expect to sell at a good price when she so wishes.

Mr Holliday, Durham – not wishing to sell at present but delighted with the recent valuation of £395,000 after approval of our application.

Mr Rolfe, Essex – had been trying off and on for 2 or 3 years to sell a very pleasant property through estate agents, his own advertising and the Internet for £240,000. Our removal of the tie led to a quick sale at £365,000.

Mr Rolands, Kent – a very desirable property which had been “sold” several times but on each occasion not completed due to the agricultural tie. Another successful Tiebreaker application led to a quick sale at £640,000.

Mr & Mrs Hart, Lancashire – a very active retired couple in their seventies, had become concerned that the surviving spouse would be in difficulties should they wish to sell. Our removal of the tie has been a great relief and will provide additional funds at a time when it will be much needed.

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